Voss Motorcycle Beanie Bullet Helmet

Lightweight and Durable Outer Shell Deluxe Multi-Layered Felt Cushioned Interior Fully Adjustable "Y" Retention System with Quick Release

SIZES: we have the silver chrome in Extra Small, Small and Medium

This is a novelty helmet. It is NON-DOT APPROVED. Rider assumes full risk and understands that by purchasing this helmet they acknowledge the disclaimer below. 


Check out the Bikers Bling™ online portfolio which showcases a few of our custom bling projects for our clients. If you see something you like there, contact us with your project request.


DISCLAIMER Notice to Consumer: These helmets are not Department of Transportation (DOT) approved and therefore are intended  for novelty purposes. They do not meet any safety standards of any description, manufacturer and/or it's agent (i.e. Bikers Bling). We will not assume any responsibility and/or liability in the event of head or neck injury, unexpected accidents, death, etc., resulting from the use of this product. By purchasing a non-DOT helmet customer acknowledges and understands that these do not meet DOT approvals and you could potentially be cited.

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