Crystal Shift Linkage

At this time, we recommend only doing hex shift linkages or any which have a flat surface! Please do not send us the stock round shift linkage. These hex linkage really pop and look great on the bike in either clear cyrstals or in a color cyrstal of your choice. Color cyrstals are additional. 

Prices are based upon labor only (part is not included). Customer is to send flat-type shift linkage. The price is based upon a standard size flat shift linkage. If we determine that the surface area is smaller, we will quote you a lower price. 

Note: Some shift linkage can cost less. This is for work done on a HEX shift linkage provided by the customer. 

Please contact us before ordering to discuss your shift linkage work to be done to get an accurate price quote.

To ensure price, please send us a photo of the linkage you would like us to bling out ahead of purchasing so we can ensure the pricing is accurate.

Please note that we track all crystals used and time, so if we overcharge, you will be refunded accordingly. 

Email us for pricing on aftermarket shift linkage pricing

Customer provides shift linkage approved by Bikers Bling first.

Prices are based upon clear crystals. If customer prefers color crystals, additional charge will apply. 

* Due to an increase in crystal prices, we have increased prices slightly for the first time in 10 years.


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Crystal Shift Linkage
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